In the Beginning God Did What?

"In the beginning..." Those three words jump out of the first line of the most inspirational book in human history - the Bible. In the beginning of time, God did something that seems impossible and remarkable. He created, by himself, the entire heavens and the earth and all that lives upon it. The … Read more about In the Beginning God Did What?

An Origin Story

Every website has an origin story. Somebody somewhere had an idea or a vision that set the wheels in motion. is no different. In our case, it started with a group of teenagers and their trip to summer camp. Changed Lives It was one of those typical summer camps that all … Read more about An Origin Story

Welcome Bible Readers

Welcome to Read the Bible in a Year dot com! This purpose of this site is to help people read the greatest book ever written - the Bible. In the pages of the Bible, we learn how to have a proper relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ. The first section of the book called the Old … Read more about Welcome Bible Readers