Bridling the Tongue


The daily struggles with our tongue and how to control it. (B. Miller Sermon #3: 1941)

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“Bridling the Tongue”

Text: James 1:26


These are the words of St. James. James was one of the most practical writers of his day. To him, religion was far more than a mere profession. It was a way of life to be lived. James insisted on less explanation and more demonstration. Christians would do well to read frequently his writings and comparison on the tongue. 

Body of Sermon:

First, he likens it to bits in the mouths of horses. Trifling as it appears, yet with it they are controllable. So the tongue is a little member, but boasteth great things. Thus an unbridled tongue is like a runaway horse. James also likens the tongue to a little blaze easily kindled, which in a brief time becomes a great conflagration. He also says the tongue is a world of iniquity, an unruly evil, full of deadly poison…

Let us note some of the sins of the tongue…

How can the tongue be controlled…


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