Do Over: Make Today the First Day of Your New Career


Jon Acuff, the New York Times-bestselling author of Quitter and Start, now shares the path to getting your dream job. All great careers have four things in common: hustle, skills, character and relationships. You have these at some level and now it’s time to amplify them in a new way so you can call a Do Over on your career. Do overs come in many ways. Maybe you’ve hit a career ceiling, lost a job, made a career jump or were presented with a surprise opportunity. For whatever reason you are facing, Jon Acuff’s unique approach will give you the resources to reinvent your work, get unstuck, and get the job you’ve always wanted!



About the Author

JON ACUFF is the author of five books, including Quitter and the New York Times bestseller Start. For nineteen years he’s helped companies like the Home Depot, Bose, Staples, and tell their stories. He’s a well-known public speaker, and his blogs have been read by millions of fans. He lives in Nashville with his wife, Jenny, and their two young daughters. Follow Jon on Twitter @JonAcuff and on the web at


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