Left Behind: A Novel of the Earth’s Last Days (Left Behind Series Book 1) The Apocalyptic Christian Fiction Thriller and…


Left Behind is the beginning novel in the best-selling series that made millions reconsider their future. Millions suddenly go missing and are feared dead. Fiery collisions claim thousands as pilots and drivers vanish without a trace. A new leader from Romania – Carpathia – is set to speak at the U.N. Panic surges through a Heathrow-bound Boeing 747 as some passengers and crew vanish. Can the captain Rayford Steele fight to quell the hysteria while at the same time facing the personal tragedy of his wife and son being among the missing? Rumors fly…could this be the end of the world? Are they right? Meanwhile, crack journalist Cameron “Buck” Williams, on the trail of a global financial conspiracy, finds a more ominous story unfolding as storm clouds of good and evil gather.



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