Why Spread the Word?

There should be nothing more precious to a follower of Jesus than the Bible. In it, we get to know about the greatest individual who ever lived. Jesus not only taught us how to live a godly life, he also showed us through his interactions with others. The Bible documents all of that for us in the New Testament

Your faith in Jesus becomes stronger as you read the Bible. You can do that on your own. But one of the best kept secrets is the speed at which spiritual maturity comes when you read with other believers. There is something special that occurs when you share what God is teaching you through his Word, either one-on-one or in a group.

We are so happy you are using this site for your individual spiritual journey. That’s its purpose. But we’d love for you to connect with some family members or friends and use our site to facilitate some small group reading and discussion. You will be encouraged and gain strength to finish the reading program you start when you have the accountability and support of other people.

Use the buttons below to email someone you know or connect with them on your social media outlets. Start a Bible reading journey with those special people in your life today!