The Autobiography Of George Muller


George Müller’s life demonstrates what can be accomplished by an ordinary man who trusts in an extraordinary God. Read along with these passages from his personal diary that show his journey from a life of sin to his magnificent conversion. Readers will share in his personal struggles and triumphs as he cares for thousands of English children in orphanages that he established. All along, Müller relied on God’s responses to his constant prayers of faith to supply everything he needed to care for his orphans. From Müller’s life, you will learn how to pray in faith, seek God for direction, find the ultimate purpose for your life and rest assured in God’s care. Nothing is too impossible for God to accomplish.



About the Author

George Müller (1805–1898) was born in Kroppenstaedt, Prussia, the son of a tax collector. Before he became a Christian, George had the reputation of a liar and a thief. After accepting Christ as his personal Savior, he was used in remarkable ways to provide for over 10,000 orphans during his lifetime. He never went into debt or asked anyone to supply his needs. He trusted in God to provide for him and for the orphans, and God never failed to do so.
In 1875, George began preaching tours that took him over 200,000 miles to forty-two countries to preach to 3 million people. God transformed a little boy who stole from his earthly father into a man who could be trusted with the resources of his heavenly Father.
The ministry of George Müller continues today through the establishment of the George Müller Foundation.

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