What does Public Domain mean?


Public domain means that a published item is available to the public and may be used freely without prior permission or restrictions.

Content at this website falls into two categories: 1) works that are in the public domain and works that are under copyright. You are free to use, quote and reprint any Bible text from this website for your personal or commercial use, provided it is a public domain work.

The Bibles on this website that are in the public domain are the:

King James Version

American Standard Version

All other text from other translations of the Bible is protected under U.S. Copyright Law. We cannot give you permission to use or reprint this material because we do not own it. Permission is not ours to give. If you’d like to use content from other Biblical translations not in the public domain, you will have to contact the particular Bible version publisher.

If you live outside the United States, check the copyright laws in your own country.