Biblical Greek Laminated Sheet (Zondervan Get an A! Study Guides)


This is a perfect gift for students of biblical Greek and Hebrew. Students need critical information at their fingertips that they can access quickly, whether they are studying for exams or translating passages of Scripture. The Zondervan Get an A! Study Guides to Biblical Greek and Biblical Hebrew are helpful study aids that are perfect for last minute review, a quick overview of grammar, or as an aid in translation for sermon preparation. Each set contains four information-packed sheets that are laminated and three-hole-punched. Durable and portable. These study guides are linked to Zondervan’s Basics of Biblical Greek and Basics of Biblical Hebrew.


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William D Mounce (PhD, Aberdeen University) lives as a writer in Washougal, Washington. He is the President of, a non-profit organization offering world-class educational resources for discipleship in the local church. See for more information. Formerly he was a preaching pastor, and prior to that a professor of New Testament and director of the Greek Program at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. He is the author of the bestselling Greek textbook, Basics of Biblical Greek, and many other resources. He was the New Testament chair of the English Standard Version translation of the Bible, and is serving on the NIV translation committee.

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