Run Baby Run: Life-Changing Testimony Of A New York Gang Leader


Run Baby Run is simply one of the most influential Christian books of modern times with over 12 million copies sold. In it, you’ll be introduced to Nicky Cruz, a vicious street fighter, drug user, criminal and thief as he led one of New York City’s most violent gangs, the Mau Maus. All that began to change the day he met David Wilkerson (author of The Cross and the Switchblade). David refused to give up on Nicky. And when Nicky finally gave his life to Christ, he left his violent life in the past and started a ministry to other gang members that still impacts young people today.


About the Author

In the 40 years that have passed since he came to Christ in New York through the selfless devotion of David Wilkerson, Nicky Cruz continues to travel widely around the world, speaking to hurting people in all walks of life. His ministry has reached thousands of innercity gang members as he speaks to their need from his own experience. Former New York gang leader, Cruz is a Christian evangelist, the founder of Nicky Cruz Outreach, an evangelistic Christian ministry. He was also once the director of Teen Challenge, serving under David Wilkerson before founding another ministry home himself in California.

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