Knowing Christ: An Inward Experience


The two longings of the human heart are happiness and eternal life. Knowing Jesus can lead to both. How can we receive Jesus and what will this mean? (B. Miller sermon #21: 1942)

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Text: John 1:12


Of all the desires that people entertain, I believe there are two which are universal in their scope. The one is a result or outgrowth of the other. These two longings of the human heart are happiness and eternal life. I believe all people of all nations, even the most vile, have, in their better moments, longed for these two achievements. There isn’t a single person here but what wants happiness and eternal life.

And may I say further, God wants you to have them, And by paying the price, we can have them. But it’s going to cost us something. And the only way to get it is in the words of my text. It is by receiving Jesus, taking Jesus to be to yourself all that God offers Him to be to everybody. I want to make it emphatic when I  say that Jesus is the only source of true happiness and the only way to eternal life. (Acts 4:12)

My friends, it’s time that the world, yea the church, recognize this truth. It’s time we as individuals, professing Christians, cease feeding on the skim milk of indifference, half-heartedness, semi-godliness and contentment of our present condition, and feast upon the cream of the Gospel, the “Good News”, the simple teachings of Jesus. How can we receive Jesus? What will this mean? What does God offer Jesus to us as? These questions all go to the heart of our religion.

Body of Sermon:

1. First of all, as a Sin-Bearer.

Man by nature is a sinner— Romans 1:22-23. All sin is reality and rebellion against God. We live in an age in which the sense of sin has grown faded and dim. It is being discounted, side-stepped and soft-pedalled. The church is not crying out against it…

2. Secondly, as a living Savior…

3. Thirdly, as our Lord and King…


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