Bridling the Tongue

"Bridling the Tongue" Text: James 1:26 Intro: These are the words of St. James. James was one of the most practical writers of his day. To him, religion was far more than a mere profession. It was a way of life to be lived. James insisted on less explanation and more demonstration. … Read more about Bridling the Tongue

Comfortable Religion

"Comfortable Religion” Text: Amos 6:1 Intro: Pain, discomfort, and hardships are evaded by the average individual. The rocking chair under a shade tree on a hot July day is always more attractive than the hoe handle. But the corn will not survive if weeds are not kept down. It's easier to … Read more about Comfortable Religion

Does God Answer Prayer?

"Does God Answer Prayer? (If so, why are so many prayers unanswered?”) Text:Psalm 65:2 Intro: It is very certain that we are living in a time of great uncertainty. These are days when it would seem that the wrong is on the throne. These are days which try the soul of the Christian. In … Read more about Does God Answer Prayer?

Lessons from Philip

Lessons from Philip Text: Acts 8:26-40 Intro: In the first eight chapters of Acts, we have the founding of the early church at Jerusalem and the ensuing persecution. The Christians of Jerusalem were like little birds in a nest—they were all in one place, the home city, the capital of … Read more about Lessons from Philip

Personal Purity

"PERSONAL PURITY" Text: 1 Timothy 5:22b Intro: Purity of character is the most beautiful and priceless of all the virtues that one might possess. Tennyson said: "My strength is as the strength of ten, because my heart is pure.' No finer compliment can be paid to anyone, than to have it … Read more about Personal Purity

Reaching the Unchurched

Reaching the Unchurched Main Text: John 1:41-42a Intro: Introducing and leading people to Jesus and into the fellowship of the church is the most romantic experience within the entire range of Christian service. One of my teachers, David Wieand, had this put on the blackboard one day when I … Read more about Reaching the Unchurched

Spiritual Life Emphasis

Spiritual Life Emphasis Intro: The greatest need of the church is a new vital emphasis upon spiritual values, one that consists of genuine experience with God, and a winsome Christian fellowship. The pressure of things, the anxieties of life, and the tragedies of the world, keep Christians … Read more about Spiritual Life Emphasis