Does God Answer Prayer?


Does God answer prayer? Absolutely! But then why does it seem that sometimes prayers go unanswered? These 7 conditions for answered prayer are outlined. (B. Miller Sermon #12: 1941)

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“Does God Answer Prayer? (If so, why are so many prayers unanswered?”)

Text:Psalm 65:2


It is very certain that we are living in a time of great uncertainty. These are days when it would seem that the wrong is on the throne. These are days which try the soul of the Christian. In seeking a solution doubtless any good-thinking people have said, or at least thought, “Why does God permit such things to continue?”

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if some of you here this morning, when in the confines of your own home, haven’t talked about it and wondered why God would allow this ruthless destruction of life to continue. Many may ask, “Do we not worship a God of love? If so, why does He allow the innocent to suffer at the hands of selfish leaders? Is our labor as Christians in vain? Doesn’t God answer prayer?”

Or is the possibility of answered prayer a vain imagining? I discover that these and other similar questions are in the minds of people today and if meditated upon without careful consideration of God’s promises, might tend to weaken the faith of the Christian.

Body of Sermon Highlights:

If you will study the Word of God concerning answered prayer, you will discover that these promises, like all others, are conditional. That is, God has made certain promises which will be granted only when man meets the conditions for receiving them. Let us consider these 7 conditions.

1. First of all, we must ask…


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