Reaching the Unchurched


Reaching people for Christ is one of the most important functions of the church. But who are the unchurched exactly and how can we best reach them? This sermon draws its conclusions by looking at the disciple Andrew. (B. Miller sermon #31: 1943)

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Reaching the Unchurched

Main Text: John 1:41-42a


Introducing and leading people to Jesus and into the fellowship of the church is the most romantic experience within the entire range of Christian service. One of my teachers, David Wieand, had this put on the blackboard one day when I was in his classes:

“I had six honest serving men, they taught me all I knew. Their names are what and where and why and when and how and who.”

In these moments I want to ask my subject these questions, and in the little account of Andrew, find the answer. In other words: Who are the unchurched? Reaching the unchurched with what? Why reach the unchurched? Where reach the unchurched? When reach the unchurched? How reach the unchurched?

Body of Sermon:

1. Who are the Unchurched?

First it is those who have not heard, and those who have rejected the Saving Gospel. Men are lost when they don’t know where they are going, or where they are or what they are here for, They are lost when the moral compass doesn’t operate and they can’t tell where life’s values really are…

2. Reaching the unchurched with what?…

3. Why should we reach the unchurched?…


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