Comfortable Religion


Amos challenged the children of Israel for desiring a life of ease and comfort. Unfortunately, many Christians today are looking for a religion where they can take it easy. This sermon looks at five areas where Christians are not living up to their calling. (B. Miller sermon #70: 1944)

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“Comfortable Religion”

Text: Amos 6:1


Pain, discomfort, and hardships are evaded by the average individual. The rocking chair under a shade tree on a hot July day is always more attractive than the hoe handle. But the corn will not survive if weeds are not kept down. It’s easier to sit and listen in the church pew on Sunday, than to give and live throughout the week. Yet someone must do it, or the church cannot survive.

In every great cause, there has been effort, sweat and pain by someone or many. We enjoy today many electrical conveniences that sprang from the mind and genius of Thomas Edison.

Was it easy for him? No, he often spent from 16-20 hours a day in the laboratory. He said success was 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

Was it easy for David Livingstone to blaze his way into the dark continent of Africa alone, that our dark-skinned brothers might know Christ?

Was it easy for our Lord to go up to Calvary to die at the hands of His accusers? Indeed it was not. There was pain in it.

Body of Sermon:

In the text I have read to you, the prophet Amos rebuked the children of Israel for their desire for ease and comfort. After reviewing the blessings and mercies of God, he speaks thus:

“Woe unto you who are at ease in Zion!”

We might have better understood Amos if he’d have rebuked non-followers in this manner, but here he’s talking to Christians – God’s elect, those on whom God is depending to carry on His great work. Is this rebuke of Amos potent today?…


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