Spiritual Life Emphasis


The Christian life should be one of growth where we draw closer to Jesus each day. How do we do that? When practiced, these six disciplines will help the believer be enriched and mature in their faith. (B. Miller Sermon #20: 1942)

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Spiritual Life Emphasis


The greatest need of the church is a new vital emphasis upon spiritual values, one that consists of genuine experience with God, and a winsome Christian fellowship. The pressure of things, the anxieties of life, and the tragedies of the world, keep Christians confused and uncertain. The attention of persons is focused on the material. Not enough effort is being made to discriminate between the transitory and the abiding, the worthless and the valuable.

The world’s concept of man is being cheapened. Christians face the problem of living triumphantly in spite of the pressure of things, and planning their lives so that spiritual values are central.

Another thing that makes it necessary to emphasize spiritual values is the confusion in the minds of people. It seems many do not know what to believe. Today, many are wondering if God sent this war.

Many are not well-grounded in Christian concepts and are listening to strange voices. It’s time to cease grasping at straws and stand on the plain Gospel of Christ. This is the only way to build a dynamic church. The strength of the church in the world rests not essentially in numbers, but in the quality of living on the part of its members.

In such a world, are we going to be driven like slaves at the mercy of circumstances?

Or will we master life? If so wherein lies the resources for personal spiritual enrichment? I will mention six very briefly.

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God loves beauty or He wouldn’t have made nature so beautiful. In nature we sense the activity of God. Jesus was also a lover of nature. Whether in solitude with His disciples or the multitudes, Jesus spent much time in the fields, in the mountains and by the seaside…


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