Temptation and Its Problems


The character of Satan and his tactics that lead us into temptation. (B. Miller Sermon #1: 1941)

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“Temptation and its Problems”

Text: 1 John 4:4


I’m sure that when I speak of temptation I am not speaking of a strange experience to any of us. For in our efforts to live the Christian Life, we are constantly being invited by the evil one to return to the former lusts of sin. The very fact of temptation cannot be denied. Even in our holiest moments, evil thoughts and desires swoop down upon us and threatened to defile our spiritual natures.

Man has always had to cope with testing and temptation. You recall the first creation, placed in the garden in true righteousness and holiness, changed their nature, posterity and destiny by yielding in the hour of temptation. Even one of the chosen 12 denied Jesus. Another betrayed him. We have only to read the wilderness experience of Christ to realize that even he was sorely tempted. And we like him, all have our wilderness battles, for the good and evil are constantly contending for our lives. It is a constant struggle. Wendell Phillips said “Christianity is a battle, not a dream.”

If I would have any criticism to launch, it would be that too many are living today as though Satan didn’t exist, but he’s a fable or a joke. But an adversary who did not hesitate to tempt Christ, the sinless son of God, will not hesitate to tempt us and it behooves us to put on the whole armor of God lest we in time of temptation fall away.

Body of Sermon:

Let us look first at the characteristics of Satan…

Let us look next at the devices of Satan….

Finally, let us look at how we can overcome temptation…



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