Jesus, The Bread of Life


Jesus performed one of his most spectacular miracles when he fed over 5,000 people at once with just a few fish and loaves of bread. The disciples and the people were amazed with the miracle. This miracle teaches us five lessons that we can put into practice every day. (B. Miller sermon #58: 1944)

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Text: John 6:35


You’ll immediately recognize that this is the familiar story of Jesus and the feeding of the 5,000.

Our Lord had had a busy year: He had preached the Sermon on the Mt; He had taught by parables and worked many wonders; His name had spread beyond the borders of Palestine; He had chosen the 12 disciples and had sent them on a preaching mission through Galilee.

Upon the disciples’ return, Jesus proposed that they withdraw to a quiet, secluded spot in the country–for rest. Perhaps He wanted to regain His belief in man; or to restore His sensitiveness to the cries of the crowd.

Body of Sermon:

Jesus with the disciples, go by boat from Capernaum to the northeast shore of the Sea of Galilee. There, on the grassy, coastal plain, they sought privacy. But scarcely had He sought out a place of retreat, when the multitude found Him.

Seeing Him from shore, they flocked to Him from village and city. Had we been in the position of Jesus, I think, in fatigue of body, we might have become impatient and said, “Can I never get away from this waiting and demanding multitude?”

The reaction of the disciples was perfectly natural, I think. They felt there was nothing they could do about the crowd, so they said to Jesus, “Send them away.”

But Jesus who could see deeper. He saw more than a crowd. He saw personalities and souls…


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