Personal Purity


God calls us to a life of personal purity. But so many things within culture and society make that difficult. What areas in our life should we account for exercising purity in? Five are detailed in this message. (B. Miller sermon #57: 1944)

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Text: 1 Timothy 5:22b


Purity of character is the most beautiful and priceless of all the virtues that one might possess. Tennyson said: “My strength is as the strength of ten, because my heart is pure.’ No finer compliment can be paid to anyone, than to have it said of him that he is clean and pure. And equally true–I know of nothing which so impairs life and influence as that which gives evidence of stain and impurity within.

The struggle to keep oneself pure in these days is most difficult. And let no one think, even the most pious, that he is immune from the possibility of falling. Bugene Dolloff, a Baptist minister of Massachusetts, said: “Mighty conflagrations have been ignited by tiny sparks.” Even so, collapse of character often comes by the yielding to a subtle suggestion.

What areas of life should we seek to keep pure? Here are five to take note of. 

Body of Sermon:

1. Keep pure in thought…

2. Keep pure in word…


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