The Holy Spirit in the Church


The Holy Spirit is God’s gift to believers and the church. This message highlights the necessity of the Holy Spirit working on and impacting the church. (B. Miller Sermon #13: 1941)

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The Holy Spirit in the Church

Text – Acts 19:2


I want to discuss this topic under four headings: (a) The need of the Holy Spirit in the church; (b) Things that will grieve God’s Holy Spirit out of the Church; (c) Things that will keep God’s Spirit in the Church; (d) Results of God’s Spirit in the Church.

The text is a question St. Paul ask of twelve disciples at the church at Ephesus. Paul had been making visitations to various churches, and upon stopping at Ephesus he found a little group of 12 disciples. There was something about these 12 disciples that struck Paul very unfavorably.

We are not told what it was, but I believe that Paul must have seen that the Holy Spirit was absent in their lives, in the church, and in their efforts to serve Him. Because we find Paul putting to them this question: “Have you received the Holy Spirit since you believed?” It came out at once that they hadn’t received it, in fact they didn’t know it had been given.

Then Paul showed them what they must do in order to receive God’s Spirit, and before the gathering was over, the Holy Spirit did come upon them. From that day on, there was a different state of affairs in Ephesus. A great revival sprang up, and the Word of God grew and prevailed.  

Body of Sermon Highlights:

The need of the Holy Spirit in the Church…

Things that will grieve God’s Spirit out of the Church…

Keeping God’s Presence in the Church…

Results of the Spirit in the Church…


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