Lessons from Philip


In Acts 8, we see the the Apostle Philip was one of the first to leave Jerusalem and spread the gospel. We learn 3 very important lessons from his obedience to Jesus’ calling. (B. Miller Sermon #19: 1942)

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Lessons from Philip

Text: Acts 8:26-40


In the first eight chapters of Acts, we have the founding of the early church at Jerusalem and the ensuing persecution.

The Christians of Jerusalem were like little birds in a nest—they were all in one place, the home city, the capital of the nation. Jerusalem was full of home associations.Christ had ascended and commissioned the disciples to carry the Gospel to the world.

But they were all staying In Jerusalem. This was necessary while they were growing. But now they were strong enough, and needed to go out to evangelize the world. But they were to be stirred out of their nest.

The martyrdom of Stephen was the first move. Then Saul got into the full current of the persecution. With legal authority he had the Christians dragged out of the city and cast into prison. Thus to evade such acts, the Christians began to plan for flight.

It seemed pitiful, but vast good was to come out of it. As the Christians were scattered through Judea and Samaria, they proclaimed Christ. Thus thousands heard of Christ as a result of this scattering.

Body of Sermon:

Philip, the evangelist, one of the Deacons, had gone to Samaria, north of Jerusalem to preach. Here he did a wonderful work, But the Spirit of the Lord said, “Arise, go toward the south, unto the way from Jerusalem to Gaza.” Now there were three roads leading to Gaza, Philip could have chosen any. But it isn’t only arriving that’s important, but what happens on the way is also vital…


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