Choosing Life’s Mate (Qualities of a Spouse)


Marriage is one of the most important institutions in our world today. But finding the right partner can sometimes be difficult. What should you look for in a future spouse? This sermon offers some very practical advice by focusing on four factors to consider: social, biological, personality and spiritual. (B. Miller sermon #66: 1944)

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“Choosing Life’s Mate”

Text: Genesis 29:9-20


The choice of a life’s mate is sacred. Outside of the supreme choice of choosing Christ as your Savior and pattern of life, the choosing of a mate stands at the head of the list of choices in importance. Deep thought, careful consideration of all the factors involved, and much prayer, are necessary if happiness is to be your experience.

A certain man was approached by another and was asked to give the secret of his beautiful home life. The man’s reply was: “I had a friend.”

If we would be able to give such a testimony, what are the qualities that a young girl must possess if she would become an ideal mate? What characteristics should a young man possess in order to qualify as a desired mate? What are the factors both parties should consider in this supreme choice of life?

Body of Sermon:

1. Social Factors.

a. Love is the first and most important factor to be considered in choosing a mate.


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