Thy Kingdom Come (Kingdom of God)


What is the Kingdom of God? How does one get there and how does it impact your life? (B. Miller Sermon #4: 1941)

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“Thy Kingdom Come (Kingdom of God)”


The theme for this day is “Thy Kingdom Come”. Immediately, you will recognize these words as being those of Our Lord directed to God as a petition in that perfect and all inclusive prayer, The Lord’s Prayer.

Jesus, with his disciples, had gone up into the mountains where he gave them wonderful sermon on the mountain. In teaching them to pray, he said, “Our Father who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come.” Throughout Christ’s earthly ministry, and his teachings and parables, he spoke often of the kingdom of God. In this prayer, for what is Jesus praying? What is the kingdom? When is it come?

Body of Sermon Highlights:

What is the Kingdom?

1. First, it’s a Spiritual Kingdom.

Jesus didn’t try to establish the Kingdom as the Jews of His day expected. They hoped for an earthly kingdom, a world empire with the capital at Jerusalem, where Jesus would reign in splendor and power. They were to reign in splendor and power. They were to reign in glory over their enemies. The coming of the Kingdom was to be ushered in with great signs, wonders and catastrophes…

What are the conditions of entrance into the Kingdom…

What are the results of the Kingdom within you…


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