The Importance of a Devotional Life


There is nothing better for your spiritual growth than reading the Bible. This short message details the benefits of having a consistent devotional life. (B. Miller Sermon #16: 1942)

(Word Count: 890)


The Importance of a Devotional Life


I am thoroughly convinced that one of the main phases of the Christian life to be cultivated and enriched, is the devotional life. Every Christian may be said to live in a room with a skylight in the roof leading out under the broad expanse of heaven, and a trap door in the floor, leading down to a dark passageway.

The devotional person spends his time looking out the skylight, while the un-devotional spends his time looking through the trap door. One lets the light of Christ into and penetrate all of life’s activities. This makes life radiant and a gleam of splendor and peaceful satisfaction steals over the soul. It’s a life striving for more complete conformity to the will of God, and a panting for His friendship. The other allows the darkness of the world to shoot arrows of remorse for sin through the heart. It’s a life devoted to selfish interests.

Whether a thing is worthwhile or not may be determined by results. Good results must have something of merit producing them. Let us consider some results of the devotional life, in the hope that we may arrive at an appreciation of its importance.

Body of Sermon:

1. The Devotional Life is a Growing Life…


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